Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Office Design Inspiration

I love this fabric I found it at Ikea! It has this fabulous under the sea scene. Full of color and originality, it's the perfect start for my creative space. I found the softest color and will paint the walls in a matching Benjamin Moore color called Bermuda breeze.

When choosing paint, always pick the bottom color you love the most on the fan deck, then go up from there to the lightest hue. Remember the space...if there isn't much light, don't saturate the walls with color. For my space, there is already white wainscotting half way up the walls, but I get very little or limited natural light. So I want a warm color, but not a dark color. I want the room to feel open and airy.
With a large repeat like this one, it's hard to find a purpose for the fabric.  Pillows just won't do.  So, it will either be large panels or upholstery on my vintage rattan sofa. Mmmm...what to do? At $7.95 a yard and 58" wide, you can't beat the price. I'm thinking...panels. That will be about 3 and half yards of fabric for my windows. I want enough room for bottom and top when sewn to still reach the ground without actually touching the gound.