Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fashion Meets Interior Design

Starting out with inspiration and a vision, mixing textures, using found objects and adding new ones.  These are a few of the suggestions made by interior designer Jarlath Mellet in the new online issue of Lonny magazine.  Jarlath has executed an all white color scheme in an approachable way.  His interiors speak to comfort, practicality and collections.  Three of my favorite things about any space.   He shows the way fabric and texture can do so much for a room.  His mixture of wood with metal, fur with woven fabrics, and animal hide accents add dimension and interest.  This SoHo loft is both inviting and luxious. When can I come over?

Jarlath's recommendations are fabulous, easy and simple.

Click here to see the full magazine article featuring Jarlath Mellett.