Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My inspirational and dreamy pink office space.  Inspired by
fabric from Ikea and a pink kitchen I saw on the internet.  I
needed a place that was bright and cheerful for those
grey Portland days.
My organizational system for housing magazines,
fabric, design books, and art supplies with my inspiration
 board above.  I even leave a blank space for whatever
 might inspire me next.  This is to the right
 of my desk so I can enjoy the view.
I've got my little collection of1950's wire shelves
filled with mermaids, bubbles and seashells.  Isn't the clock great?
I was so excited when I found that.  And a music set-up because
you can't be creative without some tunes in the background. 

Detail of my desk.  Complete with my pink and black tea set
for one and vintage clothe napkins, because if at all
possible, use clothe napkins.