Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A New Begining

This year has brought many changes and new adventures to my life. I met, fell in love with and married a wonderful man named Sam.   We bought a house, moved in together and took on the job of decorating it, learning to take care of a yard and learning to live with each other.  Whew!!  
Now I can take a big breath of fresh air! (I'm sighing right now) And tell you that we then embarked on a two week vacation to various parts of California.     
One of the many places we visited was San Francisco.  This is a peak at a few of the treats I found while in San Francisco.

I found the journal in a stationary store in Berkley. It reminds me of the streets of San Francisco.  I feel that I must have a journal while on a trip and all the better to have one from a special place. 
We wandered into City Lights Bookstore (the place where the beatniks got their start).  I came across this book Opting In, Having a Child Without Losing Yourself by Amy Richards. I couldn't put it down!  This never happens to me. The message I liked the best was, "feminism is about self-worth and dignity, which mothers need in order to parent effectively..."  That's all I want as a woman, to be equal to everyone else and to carry myself with dignity, because I am worth it. I won't expect myself to be a mother who does it all.  But I do hope to one day be a mother and work when the time is right for my family.  I won't loose myself as long as I show up and ask to be seen.

A vintage modern building....

I love how the inside window treatments all coordinate so well with the exterior of this building...

Who would have thought?...Orange and Tan with Chocolate...Looks totally modern and fresh

Our very very vintage hotel...

With mermaid reliefs on the sides of the building...I heart mermaids!  

Tell me what you think...What's in interesting thing you do while on vacation?...

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