Sunday, June 27, 2010


      I'm always dreaming. I like to imagine how things might be made better or different.  I can't help it. It's what makes me uniquely me. I always imagine improvements to interior spaces, exterior spaces, products, even cars.  I wonder what would make it more functional?  How can something be more aesthetically pleasing?  And I do a lot of listening. I listen to what people say. I hear little comments, that they don't even pick up on themselves.  All these things go through my little head and out comes solutions.  Solutions, not laws or decrees for how you "should" live, just solutions.
      Often, in school, I was criticized for not drawing a house the way a house should be drawn, for never coloring inside the lines or for day dreaming in class. Later in high school and college I was criticized for asking questions and for challenging the status quo.  And you know what? Even as an adult I'm criticized for the same things, the specific thing isn't whether I drew a house "the right way", but for changing where a sofa goes in a room. Or suggesting that a closet be moved somewhere unexpected in a room.  Or for asking someone to consider living differently. 
      But I ask you, what would our lives be like if people didn't dream?  Would you have electricity? Would you have indoor plumbing? Would you have the Internet? Would you have your iPhone? No, you wouldn't have these things.  You have them because someone decided to think outside the box. I'm not comparing myself to the genisus' that created amazing things like electricity, I'm just asking you to change where your sofa goes. It's just a sofa.  It's just paint. It's just a nail in the wall.  So you're accustomed to living in it a certain way, OK.  Just give new ideas a chance.  Try something different. You'd be really surprised by the blessings you might encounter. Changing your living space and the way you live everyday can profoundly effect your life.  You just don't know it yet!  I say it's time to give new ideas a chance.  Go bold!  Make a statement! Listen to someone's idea and be open to the surprise!

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