Sunday, June 27, 2010


    I've been fascinated with these flowers, called Protea or sugarbushes, ever since I saw them on a Travel Channel show about Hawaii.  They are an ancient flower, over 300 million years old, originally from South Africa and grown in places such as Hawaii.  They were last popular in the 1600's with Botanists, but fell out of favor and we haven't seen much of them since. 
    Well, I fell in love with them the minute I saw them.  So much so, that I went to Michael's and purchased the fake version so I could have them in my house year round.  Big deal for me, because I greatly dislike fake flowers (note: always go real, whenever possible).  Little did I know that here in Portland, OR I would find my favorite flower at the local grocery store.  I purchased this amazing bouquet of colorful science fiction and took many photos.  Can you see why?  I want Georgia O'Keeffe to paint them for me.  I want to inspect them close up and marvel at the complexity that is these flowers.  Their astonishing repetition.  Boldness of size and eye catching color.  They lack the delicacy that most flower's possess. They are a hardy lot.  Thanks sugarbushes for brightening my day and inspiring me to be someone different. 

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